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Vinexpo Asia 2023 and Tastin' France: Showcasing the Export of French Wines !

Our ambition is to promote our wines and domains worldwide. With the support of our field sales team, we have decided to participate in two prominent events that take place at opposite ends: Vinexpo Asia in Singapore and Tastin’ France in Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles. Through these endeavors, we aim to introduce our exceptional wines to connoisseurs around the globe and establish valuable connections. These opportunities allow us to share our passion and expertise, proudly representing the richness and excellence of our winemaking.

Vinexpo Asia 2023

Vinexpo Asia 2023: Gateway to New Markets

Vinexpo Asia is a renowned trade show that brings together major players in the wine industry in Asia. The recent edition of this prestigious event, held from May 23rd to 25th, 2023, was a resounding success, attracting thousands of wine professionals, from distributors and producers to importers and industry experts. The Confrérie des Domaines had the opportunity to participate in this wine fair with the presence of our specialized sales representative residing in the country.

During Vinexpo Asia 2023, visitors had the opportunity to explore the latest trends in the Asian market, discover new products, and meet potential business partners. Explore the opportunities offered by this event to promote and expand your French wines for export.


Vinexpo Asia provides an unparalleled platform to promote and expand your French wines for export. Here are some key figures that highlight the importance of this event: The Vinexpo Asia 2023 edition expected more than 1,000 international exhibitors, representing renowned vineyards. These exhibitors enjoyed exceptional visibility and had the opportunity to present their French wines to a professional and international audience.

Exporting wine to Asia

Over the course of the three-day exhibition, Vinexpo Asia 2023 aimed to welcome over 8,000 visitors from all sectors of the wine industry, mainly from China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and Japan. This offered French exhibitors a unique opportunity to meet with distributors, importers, and other wine professionals, paving the way for new partnerships and business opportunities.


Vinexpo Asia is a strategic opportunity to expand your network of contacts in the Asian wine industry. Informal meetings and exchanges with key professionals can open doors to new markets and facilitate the distribution of your French wines in Asia. By participating in Vinexpo Asia 2023, La Confrérie des Domaines has been able to take advantage of these opportunities to increase our visibility, expand our distribution network, and strengthen our presence in the rapidly growing Asian market.

The Confrérie des Domaines at Vinexpo Asia-Singapore

Tastin' France

La Confrérie des Domaines at Tastin' France

Tastin’ France: A Unique Tasting to Seduce Foreign Distributors

Tastin’ France is an exciting initiative that allows foreign beverage distributors to discover the richness and diversity of French wines. This tasting, organized in different countries around the world, provides French producers with an exceptional opportunity to present their wines to an international audience of distributors.

Our specialized team in the USA participated in the editions in Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles. Our sales representative in Los Angeles is well aware of the growth of the American market and thus promoted the wines of our producers during the three days of the fairs. We observed excellent organization during the two days of the fair in New York and Atlanta. The appointments were of high quality, and buyers showed genuine interest in our wines. Some of our meetings in Atlanta could lead to opportunities in other states!

The event brings together foreign beverage distributors interested in importing French wines. It is an opportunity to meet these key players in the industry.


Tastin’ France also offers networking opportunities with other French producers and industry stakeholders. This allows for the exchange of experiences, sharing of knowledge, and the creation of synergies among professionals in the sector.


Vinexpo Asia 2023 and Tastin’ France attract visitors from around the world, providing a unique opportunity to understand the trends and preferences of foreign markets. We demonstrate our commitment to our qualified positioning in the market for exporting French wines. This strengthens our credibility and competitive position in the global market, particularly the Asian market.