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sud ouest

Vast and varied, the vineyards of the South-West cover four main areas: the foothills of the Massif Central, the Middle Garonne, the Bergeracois and Duras, and the Pyrenean foothills. The vineyards of the South-West should be said: there are more than twenty of them, with distinct terroirs, grape varieties and histories.

Domaine Cahaupé

Intuitive and honest winegrower, at the head of the Cauhapé estate in Monein, Henri Ramonteu also takes the time, with casualness, to dream about his vineyard and shake up the planet Jurançon. With him, wine becomes an art. To intoxicate the world with Dionysos and “re-enchant” our taste buds. 

Domaine Denis Tastet

Between gentle hillsides and sunny valleys, the vineyard of Denis Tastet’s Domaine de Denis Tastet develops in the heart of the French countryside in the Gers, Gascony. Owned by the Tastet family for more than a century, this 62-hectare vineyard estate is managed according to the simple and authentic principles of Reasoned Agriculture.