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The Champagne Vineyard

Our vineyard and cellar are located at Noé-les-Mallets, a charming village in the heart of the Côte-des-bar district. 

We are situated near the house of general Degaulle and its memorial. On the other side we have Troyes which is a magnificent city. 

Pinot noir is typical to our area for our soil is rich with clay and limestone. To add a fresh and floral flavour to our Champagne we also grow Chardonnay; creating a smell and a taste unique to our beautiful terroir. 

We believe in preserving the quality of our soil and of our vines for the upcoming generations.

We carefully prepare and complete every single step of our winemaking process, from the harvest to the choice of our retail distribution channels.

A family owned winery since 1746

The history of the Winery

The house of Champagne Veuve Doussot is the culmination of several generations of winegrowers, we have been involved in wine growing activities since 1746. 

The widow Doussot is my great grandmother, widow following the first world war. 

In 1970, Georges Joly and his sons created the first Veuve Doussot brand in homage to this strong personality. She died in 1993 at the age of 97. 

After the death of my father, we therefore restructured the vineyard.  I took over part of the vineyard, the winemaking, marketing and merchants status in order to be able to buy part of the production of my cousins in grapes. 

The winemaker

I am very proud to continue our family winemaking history and to pursue the high quality standard and traditions set by my grandfather, my father and my uncles. Our family favours a reasoned and sustainable approach to winegrowing that is used every year to maintain the distinctive taste and balance of our wines whilst respecting our traditions.

I have a passion for champagne wines and taking part in every stage of the winemaking process is above all a pleasure for me – growing the vines, making wine and creating high standard champagne products.

Our cuvees embody this passion for champagne that you can taste and discover whenever you enjoy a glass of Veuve Doussot Champagne. I am member of the commandery of “Saulte bouchon Champenois” and  local member of our general winegrowers union. 

By the way, we have Robert, one of the brothers from Kool and the gang group, who visits us every now and then, we have released personal labels to him (The Kool). Including a Jeroboam wich was auctioned for an association in presence of Prince of Monaco.

The excellence of the Côte-des-Bar

Full range of Champagne with top awards 90+ points

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