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The Jurançon Vineyard

The Jurançon vineyard spreads across 30,000 acres, on the hillsides facing the Pyrénées.

It produces a characteristic white wine, which can be enjoyed dry or sweet. Here, you will not find famous châteaux. Instead, you will be welcomed into wineries, meet the people that work the vines which appear along the country roads. The grape varieties, ranging from petit manseng to gros manseng, deliver flavours of peach, pear and vanilla. Jurançon accompanies meals from aperitif to desert and goes beautifully with foie gras or smoked salmon.

Our wine tastes of history and of the riches of a land grown with love and respect. 

Mastering and reinventing a timeless classic

The history of the Winery

In Monein, in the heart of the Jurançon AOC and close to the St Girons church, Historic Monument, consultation of the Archives shows that in 1558, the Estate had 4 ha of vines and was called “CAUSSEPE”. The Estate was retaliated by Henri RAMONTEU in 1980 with an area of 4 ha. From now on, the vineyard extends over 46 hectares of hillsides, generously facing south-east.

The plots of Gros Manseng are mainly reserved for the production of dry white wines appreciated for their freshness and the richness of their aromas. With the Petit Manseng, harvested by successive sorting, great mellow white wines are born that evoke candied fruit, roast, honey …, the very expression of “passerillage”.

The winemaker

Intuitive and honest winemaker, at the head of the Cauhapé estate in Monein, Henri Ramonteu also takes time, casually, to dream his vineyard and shake up the Jurançon planet. With him, wine turns into art. To intoxicate the world of Dionysos and “re-enchant” our taste buds. Between two tastings, two phone calls, two exhibitions, two projects, two ideas, Henri Ramonteu submits to time and nature. On the one hand, he’s capable of disappearing from the planet, beating all dates. On the other, we find him ubiquitous, in the hollow of its Monein vines. Moreover, he himself plays with this profound ambivalence which tends to make him unclassifiable. 

His motto : “Details make perfection, but perfection is never a detail”, which admits of no limits to his quest for the absolute.

an iconic winery with amazing ratings

a unique terroir, off the beaten track

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