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Les Vignerons du Sommiérois


The Languedoc Vineyard

Benefiting from a very good southern exposure, the Sommiérois terroir is characterized by marls with a high clay and limestone content, alluvial soils, acidic soils composed of fine red earth with flint, and visible limestone pebbles where the winemakers from this wine cooperation elaborate their high-end PDOs. With a rainfall of around 900 millimeters and an average temperature of 14.10 degrees Celsius per year, Sommières is influenced by the Mediterranean climate.


The History

Les Vignerons du Sommiérois was born from the partnership of 3 coops located between Nimes and Montpellier in the South of France. 

Since 1923, winegrowers from Sommières and 6 others towns around have worked their land with great care for the environment and passion to produce AOP Languedoc and IGP Pays d’Oc.

The winegrowers

“Les vins du Sommiérois” is a wine coopération which means that severals winemakers are involved in the production of the wine. It is together that they work to offer products of ever higher quality.

This quality is often rewarded with numerous medals obtained each year. Thanks to this permanent openness and to their experience, they are now able to offer a wide range of tastes thanks to their different ranges of AOP Languedoc, AOP Languedoc Sommières and IGP Pays d´Oc Wines.

50% of wines in organic by 2023

a wide range of aop and igp

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