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The vineyard of Chablis

Chablis is located at the northern limit of Burgundy, halfway between Paris and Dijon (about 150 km from each) and more precisely halfway between Tonnerre and Auxerre (20 km from each). 

Chardonnay is the one and only allowed grape variety in the Chablis appellation.

The Chablis vineyard, symbol of the Yonne area and covering 4,200 hectares nowadays, spreads on 20 boroughs on both banks of the Serein river. 

Chablis wines are ranked according to 4 appellations : Chablis Grand Cru, Chablis Premier Cru, Chablis and Petit Chablis.

four generations of winegrowers

The history of the Winery

Our four-generation estate, which nestles in the heart of the city, is planted with parcels of vines aged 2 to 65 years.

The single chardonnay grape variety is grown on clayey-limestone slopes with Kimmeridgian fossiles, which, combined to best  sunshine exposition, enables it to reveal its unique character in our first-range Chablis  wines.  

We now own 18 hectares, covering the 4 appellations on a selection of best-situated slopes.  

After studying wine growing and wine making, our second daughter Claire has now been working with mum and dad since 2005, and is planning to take on the estate. Marine followed just after and joined the estate in 2013. 

The winemaker

Denis Race has run the domain since the age of 18, married for 38 years to Laurence. 

Denis Race’s anecdote by Laurence Race: “Like all husbands he wanted at least one boy to take over the torch of the winery ! But nature decided otherwise since he will have 3 daughters: Mélanie, Claire and Marine. 

The 3 girls went to the vineyards very young to help mom and dad. Mélanie and Claire have therefore followed wine studies in Cosnes-sur-Loire then in Beaune. Marine she will follow a musical training (you should know that the whole Race family is a musician). Marine join the estate in 2013. Denis is therefore finally satisfied since 2 of his daughters work with him on the Estate. And to strengthen the team, we have 3 girls employees !”

the authenticity and purity of Chablis wine

an inheritance from father and daughters!

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