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Located in the southern part of the champagne production area, the Côte des Bar vineyard is composed of Jurassic hillsides, established on Kimmeridjian limestone. Interspersed with small green valleys that join those of the Seine and the Aube, it constitutes a true mosaic with multiple exposures. Thanks to its climatic and agro-geological conditions, its Pinot Noir grape variety nevertheless produces light wines, which Grandes Maisons are looking for to enhance the freshness of their vintages.

Veuve Doussot

We have been a family of winegrowers in the heart of the
Champagne region for over a century. In 1970, Georges Joly and his sons created the first Veuve Doussot brand. I am very proud to continue our family winemaking history and to pursue the high quality standard and traditions set by my grandfather, my father and my uncles.