la france tout simplement


One of the oldest vineyards in France and the second wine-growing region in France after Bordeaux, crossed by the Rhône, a fiery river that flows towards the South and sees the vines flourish on each bank. In this vast region, one can find the whole range of wines in the Rhône Valley: dry wines in all three colours (with a dominance of red wines: 80%), natural sweet wines and sparkling wines.

Domaine du Séminaire


A family vineyard of 60 ha on the heights of Valréas, the Domaine du Séminaire is entirely worked in organic agriculture with a penchant for biodynamics, particularly in the cellar where the lunar calendar is used. 

Château Cabrières


The Arnaud family has owned the property for three generations. In 2009, Guy Arnaud handed over the estate to his daughter Agnès Arnaud, married to Patrick Vernier. Since their work together in the winery.