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Régusse Vineyards

Originally, in this regions at the borders of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and Vaucluse, we used to produce country wines, as well as an appellation still unknown, on about ten hectares, called “le Coteaux de Pierrevert”. The founders of Domaine de Régusse decided to match those high sitting limestone and clay lands, with the power of the fruit, to give birth to noble and varied varietal wines, especially Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. To enrich their aromatic pallet, they after acquired new lands in A.O.C. Côtes du Luberon. This terroir gives to the Domaine de Régusse all its complexity, a great delicacy and powerful and round tannins. After more than 3 decades of existence, the domain owns today 200 hectares of vines in production, which makes of it one of the vaster winery of France. Because of the unrivalled richness of the provençal soil, vines are planted with about twenty different grapes from the Rhône, the Mediterranean, Burgundy and Bordeaux, which makes of it the most diversify pallet of Europe.  

between sea and mountain, 500m above sea level

The history of the Winery

Château Régusse was founded in 1970 at the foot of the Luberon mountain, in the heart of Pierre-vert, a village set on one of the highest points in Haute Provence, at an altitude of over 400 m. 

The Château is proud to grow around 20 different grape varieties, originating from all main French wine regions. In the vineyard, the yields are closely monitored, and sustainable farming is applied, hence strictly controlling and limiting the use of chemical products. 

Ten hectares are even organic certified.

The winegrower

The Régusse estate is managed by Marina and Christophe COSTE.

Christophe is an engineer, he is passionate about wine, and a recognize tasting professional. 

He took over the general management of the estate in 2015.

Marina, a graduate of a business school, deals more particularly with the administrative and financial management of the estate, she represents the shareholders since her family owns 65% of the estate.

Christophe and Marina arrived together in 2003 in this fascinating world of wine, they learned directly from Patrice JEROME, former CEO of the estate, and are working on their own for several years.

“Our motivation is to to promote the terroir of the Alpes de Haute Provence, this confidential appellation between sea and mountain, on the borders of Jean Giono’s Provence, where the sky is the purest in France and the air smells of lavender.

What makes us unique ? Working in an area where we cultivate more than 20 different grape varieties from all of France’s regions, which enable us to offer you a wide range of products, and create wines in line with all your desires. “

A wide variety of grape varieties

jas des oliviers: a beautiful range of organic wines

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