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Frontignan Vineyard

Frontignan vineyards is located between the Méditerrannée sea on the south and Gardiole Hills on the North. Most of the vineyards are in the plains, on a chalky and clay soil. 

This is a perfect location for Muscat. The oceanic winds, full of water, help to balance the very dry summer and the lack of rain but the hills around protect vines from wind damages and frost during winter.

Muscat Blanc à petit grain, only grape variety grown in Frontignan, is sensitive and produce few. Early blooming makes it easily attacked by oidium, and at full maturity, its high sugar level make it a easy target for bees. Early blooming also means early harvest, which are around mid-august every year.

The elite of Muscat producers

The history of the cellar

Founded in 1904 by Victor Anthérieu, who wanted to regroups Frontignan winemaker in order to share the production costs. Muscat de Frontignan since then did not stop to increase its size.

At the end of Sixties, with the birth of supermarket, Frontignan decided to expand its retails network and for that, joins the world famous Baron Philippe de Rothschild company.

It is from middle of nineties that Frontignan started an ambitious diversification policy, all around one grape variety, the Muscat Blanc à petit grains, which makes it internationally recognize as the elite of Muscat makers, until they won the award of the Best Muscat of the World.

Christophe Miron, president of the Frontignan cooperative cellar, is a vinegrower. On 20 hectares, he cultivates a specific grape, white muscat with small round grains, known as “Muscat de Frontignan”. This fruit is the only ingredient that makes it possible to produce nearly 2 million bottles of the famous natural sweet wine from Hérault each year, recognized AOC since 1936.

With Bernard Germain, the director of the cellar, he has formed the tandem which, for nearly 20 years, has carried this appellation by developing new products in particular.

The Frontignan cellar now has 135 cooperative partners who cultivate 560 hectares of white muscat with small round grains. Among these partners, some winegrowers have been the same for many years and help keep the town of Frontignan alive.

a terroir as close as possible to the sea

best muscat in the world

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