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The vineyard of Minervois La Livinière

The estate consists of 15 hectares (37 acres) of vineyard split in 22 plots covering an area of 10 km N-S and 10 km E-W over the territories of La Livinière and Siran, the very heart of the « cru » La Livinière, facing the Pyrénées mountains. Great diversity of soils, mainly clay/limestone with some sandstone outcrops, and grape varieties, the vines are planted over five different soil types:
• Les Combes (small valleys), North of La Livinière, on the wild slope of Black Mountain,
• Le Village (the Village), surrounding the village of Siran, typical soils of the “cru La Livinière”.
• Les Terrasses (the terraces), on the South territories of La Livinière and Siran, heart of the “cru La Livinière“.
• Fournes, North of Siran, 350 m above sea level, typical high altitude soils for the region.
• Fauzan, North of the village of Cesseras, another beautiful terroir hillside and altitude.

a shared passion

The history of the Winery

Our vines have always strictly been conducted following organic principles, and the winemaking also follows the same rules. So obvious for the founder of the vineyard that formal certification process had never been completed. We are now officially going through the organic conversion process since 2015…Vintage 2018 will be officially labelled “ AB, Agriculture Biologique”.

The winemakers

The Domaine Michelin, Les Combes Cachées is the dream come true of three friends (Xavier Michelin, Michel Pousse, and François Aumonier) from the same village near Toulouse, with different backgrounds but a shared passion for wine. After searching for 2 years, they found the ideal quality-driven terroir and vines they were looking for in La Livinière, the first Cru of the Languedoc. Old Vines, the only ones planted on the slopes in little valleys rolling down the hills at 400m above sea level and organic. The team partnered with David Ciry, an experienced winemaker from the region, with worldwide experience in winemaking as consultant. With the support of friends and family, the estate Les Combes Cachées has launched its first vintage 2015 that has al-ready been acclaimed by critics. Since then the vineyard has grown and structured.
It also has a brand new wine cellar in the old distillery of the cooperative cellar of Siran of 1907, rehabilitated.


Organic in the winery's dna

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