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Roussillon Vineyard

The Roussillon is after all a real mosaic of different soils, and among all of them we have chosen three truly expressive terroirs that we feel are best suited to make the kind of wines that we love to make : 

THE AGLY VALLEY Following the river up the winding Agly Valley, the heartland of the Catalan vineyard is found on the hills. This is where we seek the authentic flavours of traditional varieties which give us great richness and power. 

MEDITERRANEAN PERPIGNAN Our vines close to the cool sea-side are planted on deep terraces of sandstone, and river stones from the quaternary period. Even on the hottest days, the the sea breezes. Penetrate a few miles inland, keeping the vines cool. Towards the end of the afternoon, a gentle haze appears along the coast that brings an invigorating sea-spray and a note of salinity.

LES ASPRES Planted on terraces that follow the contours of the hills, the vineyards here are partially planted to bush vines, and marry beautifully with the backdrop of the Pyrenees behind them. Brutally exposed to the strongest gusts of the tramontane on terraces that burn in the summer sun, this land at an altitude of 400 metres gives wine that shows a vibrant intensity.


The history of the Winery

SINCE 1798

In the Lafage family, we have been winegrowers from father to son for more than 2 centuries.

In the 80s, Jean-Marc, as a young boy, actively participated in the work in the vineyards. But the revelation that he was to be a winemaker came to him one day when his father gave him the sole charge of a batch of some of his finest Maury grapes.

From the gene to the passion, this work will draw his path: Domaine Lafage is born and will forever be Catalan !

The winemakers

My wife Eliane and I had studied oenology together, and spent some time travelling around the world making wine, and building up a wealth of experience and knowledge. Together, we now head up a terrific team who are devoted to following our Domaine’s philosophy. 

My parents remain actively involved at the cellar door, and my father keeps a watchful eye on the vineyard parcelles – they are his lifeblood. No doubt I’ll be the same in a few years ! Our children Nicolas and Lea, even though they are still very young, are already showing a keen interest in the winemaking life ….


a great reputation and many wines rated 90+

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