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The Beaujolais vineyard

Domaine Chasselay is one of the oldest wineries in Beaujolais. 

The domaine is located in Châtillon d’Azergues in Rhône region. Since 1464, this family of winegrowers has been cultivating their vines using techniques that respect the environment and the soil. One of the pioneers of organic agriculture (BIO) in Beaujolais, their wines have been certified since 2006.

The grapes are exclusively hand harvested. The fermentation takes place naturally in small or large oak barrels. They use only natural yeasts. Their wine philosophy’s production is to produce terroir wines while respecting nature.

One plot of their vineyard was planted in 1894, therefore those vines are 115 years old. 

One of the oldest winery of Beaujolais

The history of the Winery

Archives in Latin dating from 1464 relate the existence of Jean Chasselay, winemaker and land owner at Les Eparcieux, in Châtillon d’Azergues. 

In 1789, another Jean Chasselay vinified the first Republican harvests after the French Revolution. 

Jean-Gilles and Christiane Chasselay moved to GAEC Chasselay father & son and in 1991 gave rise to Domaine JG Chasselay. The opportunity for them to boost the sale in bottles.

In 2000, the couple of winegrowers are embarking on a sustainable agriculture approach and working the vines with increasingly “clean” methods. In 2006, the entire Estate was converted to Certified Organic Agriculture.

The winemaker

Jean-Gilles and Christiane Chasselay have been harvesting winegrowers since 1981. After their studies in viticulture, oenology and wine trade, Claire and Fabien joined Domaine JG Chasselay in 2007.

Today, Claire and Fabien Chasselay join their parents to perpetuate this passion for wine. Thus, Jean-Gilles, Claire and Fabien work the vines, vinify and age the wines.

« Si tu respectes la nature, elle te le rendra ».

Claire & Fabien Chasselay

Organic certified since 2006

a wide range of vdf, AOP Beaujolais and exceptional cru

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