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Beaujolais vineyard

Planted on a hillside at an altitude of 410 metres, hence the name “Crêt”, the estate is located at the southern entrance to the Beaujolais area, a regional appellation. 

The vines are in one piece with a very limited neighbourhood. This allows us to cultivate and stimulate our “bubble of life” in terms of soil life and biodiversity (agroforestry, insect hotel, nesting boxes, etc.), to produce quality grapes that are very much alive, becoming wines that are characteristic of their terroir.

For us, the quality and personality of a wine mainly comes from his ground’s life and characteristics hence its grapes overall quality. 

Organic and biodynamic certified

The winery history

For more than a century (since 1870), the Subrin family cultivated grapes and thanks to this “savoir-faire”, the idea of producing “organic” wine on the family estate progressed very slowly until the autumn of 2008, when François and Marie-Thérèse decided to make a radical change: the transition to organic and biodynamic farming.

This technical upheaval is coupled with a profound cultural change, which implies reappropriating the basics of the winegrowing profession.  It implies questioning professional practices, training to discover the basics and exchanges between organic winegrowers, a source of enrichment.

Direct sale in bottles is the preferred way to allow a short distribution circuit. This is how their daughter Florence and nephew Geoffroy joined in 2017 and 2019 for the transition of the family know-how. 

Florence and Geoffroy recently conducted an agroforestry project in the vineyards. The general idea is to plant hedges and islands of trees to increase the biodiversity of the plateau. Insect shelters made by a family friend are installed at the edge of the vines.

Viticulture & Vinification

Our great satisfaction as winegrowers is to see our soils evolve rapidly from one year to the next. The regeneration of the soil is the basis of organic farming.

Biodynamics allows us to go faster and further thanks to the impulses we give to the soil and the plant, taking into account cosmic influences (lunar calendar). Some people rightly call it the homeopathy of organic farming. Naturally, the grapes and then the wine benefit greatly from this regeneration.

80% of the work is accomplished when our grapes are balanced, healthy, ripe and characteristic of their terroir. The work of the vines, the life of the soil, the biodiversity of our eco-system are therefore the essential point of our work. 

Then comes the vinification in the strictest respect of our fruit, without rectification, with a minimal addition of sulphites. We want to produce wines with character, fruity, typical of our appellation and appreciated for their finesse and elegance. Our Biodynamic farming method is essential to achieve this.

a high altitude terroir which brings finesse

a very low sulphite intake

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