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The Riesling and World Riesling Day: The Export of Alsatian Wine in the Spotlight !

 Riesling is a white grape variety originally from the Rhine Valley in Germany, but it is also grown in other wine regions around the world, including Alsace, France. Every year is celebrated as World Riesling Day, a day dedicated to promoting this versatile grape variety and tasting wines made from Riesling.

Riesling is often considered one of the best white grape varieties in the world, offering a wide range of wine styles from dry and mineral to sweet and luscious. In Alsace, wines made from Riesling are highly appreciated for their liveliness, purity, and ability to reflect the unique terroir of the region.

Wines made from Riesling in Alsace

Alsace is a French wine region known for its white wines, especially those made from Riesling. Alsatian wines are known for their freshness, purity, and elegance, and Riesling is one of the most beloved grape varieties in the region.

Wines made from Riesling in Alsace have a refreshing acidity, floral, fruity, and mineral aromas, as well as a beautiful length on the palate. They are often vinified in a dry style, although there are also wines made from Riesling in Alsace that are vinified in a sweeter, more luscious style.

Glass of Riesling wine from the Maurice Schoech estate

Export of Alsace wine

In Alsace, Riesling is an emblematic wine, and producers in the region are very proud of their know-how. Alsatian wines are exported worldwide, including to Europe, Asia, and North America.

Alsatian Riesling is particularly appreciated for its quality and unique character, which reflects the terroir of the region.

Among the most renowned Alsace producers of Riesling wines are Wunsch and Mann and Maurice Schoech. These domains have acquired an international reputation for their production of high-quality wines, and their Riesling is particularly appreciated for its freshness, acidity, and complex aromas.

Wunsch and Mann Estate Vineyard

The Riesling anecdote !

Glass of Riesling wine from the Wunsch and Mann estate

But did you know that Riesling was also a wine that saved lives?

Riesling is a grape variety known for the complexity of its aromas and taste, often associated with high-quality and long-aging wines. However, this story reveals that Riesling also played an important role in 18th-century maritime history by helping British sailors prevent scurvy due to its content of tartaric acid which preserves Vitamin C. This anecdote highlights the cultural and historical importance of this incredible grape variety and invites us to fully appreciate the richness of its history, in addition to its exceptional taste and quality.

In conclusion:

Riesling is a noble and versatile grape variety that offers a wide range of wines with different aromatic and gustatory characteristics. World Riesling Day offers an opportunity to celebrate this grape variety and discover local producers of this exceptional wine. Wunsch and Mann and Maurice Schoech domains in Alsace are two examples of producers who have been able to showcase Riesling with quality wines that are appreciated worldwide.

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Maurice Schoech Estate Vineyard

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