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Hidden gems in Languedoc : the passion for the terroir

La Confrérie des Domaines is constantly seeking to offer you exceptional domains and wines, unearthed from the best French terroirs. We are going to introduce you to three Languedoc domains hidden in the heart of the region’s exceptional appellations.

Passion and rarity, the key words of these wineries

Terrasses du Larzac, Pic Saint Loup and Minervois La Livinière : these three exceptional appellations from the Languedoc are still sometimes unknown, but the quality of the wines and the unique profiles of these domains make them hidden gems. On the international markets, these wines are still little represented, but in France these appellations are experiencing a real craze. Let’s visit Le Clos du Serres (Terrasses du Larzac), La Bergerie de Fenouillet (Pic Saint Loup) and Domaine Michelin (Minervois La Livinière) and discover their particularities.


Truth, sincerity, reflection of the place where the grapes grow, artisanal wines that have a soul, whose origin is recognizable as opposed to standardized international wines: These are the values of Clos du Serres

“Organic for living wines !”

Béatrice and Sébastien Fillon converted to organic wine in 2011. It was an obvious choice, a philosophy of life above all: “what we drink and eat defines the world in which we live”.

According to them, using industrial or chemical techniques does not give any meaning to the winegrower’s job. It is necessary to respect life at all stages of a product so that it is the best possible.

They work in such a way as to encourage life in the soil by using no chemical, leaving grass, aerating the soil, etc., and they also favour manual work. The aim is to allow the vines to feed off what is in the soil and not to dry out or weaken it.

As a result, the wines express the vintage and the place they come from! The Clos du Serres wines are full of life with minerality, nervousness, brilliance and fruit!

This way of producing gives a meaning : the wines are in harmony with their natural environment and have personality. They are sincere and true products.


A natural balance can be felt in the wines where  finesse is found to the detriment of opulence : melted tannins of fruits and spices with a beautiful freshness characteristic of the terroir.

“A landscape architect”

It has been a long time since Michel Wack, Director of the estate, began to create a real space for biodiversity. As early as 2004, in order to protect the public water resources whose borehole is located under the estate, he decided to stop using weed killers. From the 2021 vintage, all the wines will be certified organic.

A winegrower and more than that : Michel sees himself as a “landscape architect”. Vineyards, garrigues, orchards and woods share the land over 120 hectares. The estate has also been enriched by animals: a flock of sheep maintains the meadows and vines, and the 25 beehives ensure well-balanced farming practice. In this island of biodiversity, “everyone has found their place”, as Michel likes to say.


Xavier and Michel have fully invested themselves and have been very demanding in order to achieve their objective : to have great quality wines that bring fruits, freshness and above all pleasure.

"It's a real work of art to achieve the right blend"

Xavier and Michel did not take the easy way out by setting up in the heart of the Minervois La Livinière appellation. According to them: “to make quality wines, which are the reflection of a terroir, you have to put yourself in a difficult situation, get off the beaten track”.

They went to find plots of land that nobody wanted, plots that were difficult to access, steep and demanding. In the end, these parcels gave them what they expected : wines with great complexity, quality and, above all, that reflect this unique terroir. The plot-by-plot vinification allows them to bring out the different terroirs that make up the estate. They also want to protect this terroir. Indeed, to them, organic farming is a way of preserving these parcels and conserving the unique characteristics of these soils for years to come. In short, Domaine Michelin is an estate of enthusiasts who seek only to express what the terroir has given them.

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