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The vineyard of Chablis

The wines of Chablis are made from one single varietal : Chardonnay. They are sub-divided into four appellations : Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru, Chablis Grand Cru.

These are identified by precisely delimited production zones, and are subject to strict production regulations. 

Chablis wines are dry white wines which are characterized by their purity, crispness, sophistication and minerality. The Chardonnay varietal gives results in Chablis unlike anywhere else. It draws its personality and character from a subsoil that is 150 million years old, and ripens in ideal conditions, in a semi-continental climate, which allow it to attain a good balance between sugar levels and acidity.

the history of two brothers

The history of the Winery

The story begins in 1970, Joseph Garnier (Jérôme and Xavier’s father) is a farmer. He becomes a landowner and cultivates 110 ha of cereals.

In 1985, the first vines are planted by Xavier and Joseph and two years later, the first harvest arrives.

A few years later, the estate expanded: construction of the cellar and extensions with a covered outside building to receive the harvest, installation of high-performance machinery. 

In 2008, the two brothers decided to use indigenous yeasts to preserve the natural character of the wines.

The winemakers

We are two brothers united by a common passion for wine who value the liberty to go beyond the requirements of the appellation and at the same time respect the identity of each of our terroirs.

The close fellowship which unites the eight people who work on our undertaking is reflected in the sharing together of a glass of our Chablis, Grand as well as Petit.

It is in Ligny-le-Châtel that our family roots lie in a village which clings to its slope like a vine climbing around its supporting wire, upwards to the high spot which makes it the most northerly of the communes which make up the appellation.

This relative detachment is in fact advantageous in the context of the crispness of the vintages produced from these chalky clay, even sandy soils.


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